Note: I haven't used Bryce in years; so these tutorials are archived "as is." I can't accept questions, because I don't remember the answers.

About the Course

Beginning Bryce 5

Intermediate Bryce 5

Bryce 5 Course - What is This, and Why is it Here?

This Bryce 5.0 course consists of two sets of six lessons each (12 total.) Each lesson has four or more pages.

One set is geared for Beginners, who have no prior knowledge of Bryce at all; one for Intermediate students, who had some knowledge of the software, or who had already completed the first course.

I originally wrote them to teach at Eclectic Academy, where the students would get a new lesson each week. During the week, they would complete it, turn in their work, and we'd discuss it as a class at the end of the week.

When my health forced me to stop teaching there, I decided to put these on the web, so that people who wanted to could still learn.

That was in 2003. At this point, they are out of date, since they were written for Bryce 5.0, and as of this writing, Bryce is up to version 6. However, many of the things presented here have not changed, aside from minor cosmetic interface tweaks, so a lot of people are still using these tutorials. For that reason, I'm leaving them up there, for you to enjoy.

However, as noted on every page, I no longer use Bryce myself, and haven't since shortly after I stopped teaching it. So you're on your own, since I'm extremely rusty with Bryce, and don't really remember the answers to the questions you might have.

The two courses, including all the pages, are listed in the menu bar on the left side of each page.

I recommend that you take the course in order, if you are new to Bryce. If you are looking for a specific thing, of course, feel free to just check that page. I've tried to make the titles meaningful.

For a more complete list of the topics covered in each lesson, as well as direct links to the various topics and the downloads that are part of the course, look at the Beginning Lesson Syllabus, or the Intermediate Lesson Syllabus, depending on which you need.

I hope this course helps, as you learn to use Bryce. Remember to have fun as you work through it! (You might also find that one lesson a week is a nice pace.)