Tutorial Sections


These are the tutorials that I've written, using some of my favorite graphics applications. Please feel free print them out, work through them, and link to them. But please don't simply copy them to your site without permission. If you want permission, ask for it.

If you have any questions, please write to me.

Half B&W Line Art, Half the same art on Transparency

Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials; Lots and lots of PS tutorials, ranging from using the pen tool, to techniques, to working with 3D files. Most of them, like most of the tuts on this site, are a bit old at this point, and are about PS CS6 and earlier. I will be updating them. But in the meantime, much of the information is still good. Some of these are in video format, some are just written instructions.

Splash from latest Second Life tutorial

Second Life Tutorials

Tutorials about Second Life; How to avoid white halos when using transparency, a whole lot about alpha channels, and some about texturing. Most of these are written, but there are a few that are videos.

Splash from Newest General 3D Tutorial.

General 3D Tutorials

Some tutorials about general 3D concepts, mainly how refraction, transparency, and caustics work. Also some stuff about UV Mapping, and links to a few forums.

Splash from Newest Bryce Tutorial.

Bryce Tutorials

A fairly extensive course in Bryce 5. Takes you from the very beginning all the way through the Deep Texture Editor and basically teaches you all there is to know about the app. But... Bryce 5, not the most recent version. They won't be updated.

Splash from Newest Lightwave Tutorial.

LightWave Tutorials

A number of tutorials specific to LightWave 8. Old, in other words. I don't use LightWave any more, but I've left these here, although they are so old they're in frames, because I've been told they are still useful to some. I will be updating the format. Because... frames.