A spread is defined as the pattern in which the cards are laid out in a Tarot reading.

I'm currently writing a book about reading the Tarot, and I am collecting spreads!

If you send me one, and you are the first person to send in that spread and I use it in the book, I'll credit you, of course. And I'll be extremely grateful! Just write to me, and describe the spread in detail. I'll write back to make sure I understand it, and tell you if I am going to be using it. Thanks! (It will probably appear here, too.)

The spreads I currently offer are:

Celtic Cross - The classic spread found in Tarot Books everywhere. This one is slightly modified, and is the spread I actually use! It uses 11 cards.

Short Spread - 5 card spread, invented by my husband, Michael Short, to get an answer to very specific questions. (Yes, it's OK to invent spreads. All of them were invented by someone!)

Yes/No 3 - 3 card spread for very simple yes/no questions.

Barb's 15 - A 15 card spread for general readings, given to me by my good friend Barbara.