This spread was shown to us by Barb Jackson. It's for general readings.

Cards 1,2,3 - Now. These cards show the situation as it stands now. The question should appear here.

Cards 4,5,6 - Then. These cards show what the person asking the question (the Seeker) has just been through. They reveal things not known, and things known but discounted.

Cards 7,8,9 - You. These cards show things about the Seeker that she may wish to change, or may want to emphasize in this situation.

Cards 10,11,12 - Givens. These cards show things that the Seeker needs to know about, but cannot change. Attitudes and actions of others, situations she has no control over, etc.

Cards 13,14,15 - Final Outcome. These cards show what the resolution of the situation is likely to be, if nothing changes.

If the reading is confused, a sixteenth card may be placed in the center to tie everything together.