This spread was invented by my husband, Michael Short, to get answers to very specific questions.

Card 1 - The Question. This card shows the question being asked in symbolic terms. If it makes no sense, it may be best to postpone the reading.

Card 2 - The Background. This card describes the general situation and events leading up to the question.

Card 3 - The Seeker. This card represents the person asking the question (the Seeker.) It may show what the Seeker has done to try to answer the question, or it may indicate the character strength (or flaw) which has the most bearing here.

Card 4 - The Environment. This card shows the impact of the world on this situation, including the influence of friends, family, and associates.

Card 5 - The Answer. This card shows the answer to the question. The appropriate action to take is inherent in the interpretation of this card.