This is a modification of the Celtic Cross which I use.

Card 1 - The Significator. This is the card which shows the person asking the question (the Seeker.) I lay this card out as the others are laid out. Some choose it from the deck.

Card 2 - The Question. This card symbolizes the question the Seeker is asking. If it these first two don't make sense, I usually don't do the reading.

Card 3 - The Cross, Bridge and Block. This card shows the principles, actions or attitudes which may be holding the Seeker back, or allowing him to continue. It's the pivot point, the thing that must be changed if he doesn't like what the reading is showing.

Card 4 - Below You. This card shows the strengths and/or weaknesses that the Seeker has, and which are effecting this situation, or the thing in the past that gave rise to this situation. If it's the latter, it will also show a time frame. The fifth card is about as far ahead as this was behind.

Card 5 - Above You. This card shows what the Seeker is becoming, or how the situation is likely to evolve.

Card 6 - Behind You. This card shows a person,situation, or attitude in the immediate past that has a bearing on the current situation. It also gives a time call for the next card.

Card 7 - Before You. This card shows what will happen in the immediate future, if things continue as they are now. Once again, it may be a person, situation or attitude that will appear. It will be about as far in the future as card 6 was in the past.

Card 8 - Who You Are. This card shows the part that the Seeker is currently playing, the attitudes he is exhibiting or the situation as he sees it.

Card 9 - Where You Are. This card shows the environment as it relates to the Seeker in this situation. It can show the attitudes of his friends or associates, the physical problems or resources he has to deal with, etc.

Card 10 - Hopes and Fears. This card shows what the Seeker most wants to happen in this situation, and also what he fears will happen. Although this may seem contradictory, it isn't. The thing we most hope for usually brings change, and we fear change. So the Seeker may hope to marry the girl, and fear being married, all at the same time.

Card 11 - Final Outcome. This card shows how the current situation is likely to turn out, if the Seeker does nothing to change it. Remember, though, that it's not a fixed outcome. More people than the Seeker are exercising their free will in this and all situations.