Poser model in photographic background.

Compositing Images using Poser and Photoshop

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This tutorial explains how to set up figures created with Poser so that they look real when using the Render Over Background feature. And then how to simply and painlessly make shadows for them in minutes instead of hours. (The shadows, of course, being the thing that makes them look like they are really there, instead of just pasted onto a picture! <g>)

I'll be explaining using Adobe Photoshop; but it works about the same way in any other raster graphics program that I'm familiar with.

The trick is to render twice; and that doesn't take terribly long, and needs almost none of your time.

Interested? Click here to get the version with lots of pictures that show what I'm talking about, and here for text only (which, of course, loads much more quickly.) Or, if you are an expert user of Poser and Photoshop, and just want to cut to the chase about the shadows, click here.

For the more advanced tutorial, see Advanced Compositing.

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