This is a list of the Major Arcana, numbers and names and short descriptions. I don't have any pictures here, because of download times. Besides, there are over 1,000 different decks! Meanings are given for cards that are normal and reversed. (R: Reversed cards are those that happen to show up upside down when they are laid out. I don't use reversed cards; it's not mandatory!)

If you have a deck, I recommend that you look at the pictures on the deck, instead of using a list like this. Decide what the card means based on what strikes you in the picture. Your readings will be much more accurate!

0 - The Fool: Purity, thoughtlessness, innocence, lightheartedness, naivete. R: Carelessness, vanity, indecision, uncontrolled.

1 - The Magician: Merging of four elements, talent, creativity, skill, self-reliance. R: Clumsy, disgrace, unskilled, insecure.

2 - The High Priestess: Practicality, good judgment, wisdom, mystery, clouded future. R: Passion, conceit, poor intuition, ignorance.

3 - The Empress: Pregnancy, fertility, good advice, security, competency. R: Unsatisfied, infidelity, infertility, the unraveling of involved matters.

4 - The Emperor: Father figure, success, security, authoritative figure, powerful leader. R: Confusion, obstruction, immaturity, ineffectiveness, megalomania

5 - The Hierophant: Tradition, captivity, servitude, conformity, ritual. R: Foolishly generosity, eccentricity, intrigue, weakness.

6 - The Lovers: Love, respect, partnership, trust, romance. R: Failure, unreliability, separation, frustration, lack of communication.

7 - The Chariot: Work and travel, purpose, troubles left behind, harmony, balance. R: Quarrels, trouble, defeat, failure, the collapse of hopes and dreams.

8 - Strength: Power, energy, inner strength, courage, conviction. R: Weakness, sickness, lack of faith, abuse of power.

9 - The Hermit: Meditation, search for truth, good counsel, wisdom, prudence. R: Hastiness, imprudence, emotional immaturity, groundless fear.

10 - Wheel of Fortune: Change, destiny, fortune, good luck, end of troubles. R: Change of luck, failure, bad luck, unexpected interference.

11 - Justice: Fairness, balance, equality, rightness, legal matters, negotiations. R: Bias, prejudice, bigotry, intolerance, unfairness.

12 - The Hanged Man: Suspense, life interrupted, change, wisdom, looking at things from a whole new viewpoint. R: Wasteful search, selfishness, useless gesture, laziness,

13 - Death: Sudden complete change, end of era (and beginning of new one,) discovery leading to change in life direction, new goals. R: Lethargy, depression, resistance to the inevitable, slow or ponderous change. Does NOT mean physical death in any orientation!

14 - Temperance: Economy, moderate lifestyle, patience, frugality, balanced life. R: Competitive interests, over caution, hostility, impatience, gluttony.

15 - The Devil: Greed, self-entrapment through greed, lust, unhealthy passion, dissolution. R: Release from bondage, rest, new life direction

16 - The Tower: Sudden change, broken friendships, disgrace, lost security, finding out that your world view is based on untruth. R: Tyranny, continued oppression, monetary loss.

17 - The Star: Hope and faith, blending of past and present, bright prospects, mastering the occult, awareness of two worlds. R: Laziness, indifference, unrealized hopes, arrogance.

18 - The Moon: Warning, deception, hidden enemies, darkness, need to choose path wisely. R: White lies, tricks, small mistakes, silence, windfalls.

19 - The Sun: Accomplishment, success, material happiness, joy, freedom, liberation. R: Lesser joy, separation, success or security delayed, uncertain future.

20 - Judgment: Rejuvenation, rebirth, reward, atonement, change of position. R: Weakness, lost affections, separation, confrontation, indecision.

21 - The World: Completion, success, triumph, endless possibilities, hope, new beginnings. R: Disappointment, discouragement, failure, stagnation, inability to finish what is started.