This is a myth, a story that I made up myself, to explain my feelings and philosophy about the creation of the universe.

Long, long ago, before time began, when all the Universe was a uniform gray, and everything was still, there was a mind and spirit. Let us call her the Goddess.

And the Goddess was there, thinking to herself, for what would have been a very, very long time if time had existed yet (but it didn't.) And she was all alone, just thinking.

And eventually, as she thought, she thought that it might be nice to have someone else to share her thoughts with. So she thought about what someone else would be, and how to find someone else, for what would have been a long time again, if there had been time yet (but there wasn't.) And finally she decided that if she wanted someone else, then she would just have to be someone else, too. Because she was all that there was.

So she thought about that for what would have been a while, if whiles had been invented, which they hadn't, and she figured out how to make herself into two people. And as soon as she figured it out, she did it. And then there were two, hanging around in the great grayness, and sharing thoughts. And because they were no longer the same one, the thoughts took slightly different paths, and they really did become different people. So we'll call him the God. But they both remembered when there was only one.

And it was great fun. In fact, it was so much fun that after what would have been a long time, if either one of them had thought of time, which they hadn't, they decided to split again, and to make four of them. And because they both remembered how to do that from the last time, they both did it again.

So then there were four. But they still all remembered being one, and then being one of two. And after another really, really long not-quite-time-yet, it occurred to one of them that there was a way that they could get together, two by two, and make someone who was really, really new. Someone who would have some aspects of each of them, but not all of any of them.

So they did that. And they made a fifth person. And he still remembered being the only one, but he had some memories from this one, and some from that one. So he put things together a little differently than anyone else had before. (Not that there really was a before, you understand. You need time for that, and they didn't have it yet.)

But anyway, he realized that there was a new way to make a new person. One who had no memories at all. One who would have brand new ideas, because she hadn't already been thinking for what would have been ages. He explained how to do it. And the first two, the Goddess and the God, got together, and they made the very first entirely new person. The very first baby.

Now, of course, the baby didn't know anything. And it was lots and lots of fun to teach her. And they all had a great time, or would have if they had had time at all.

But one day, the child was feeling a little bored. (Well, of course, it wasn't actually a day yet, but you know what I mean.) So she began fiddling with the greyness, and noodling around with it, and pretty soon she had worked her little not-exactly-fingers in between a couple of bits of it, and she separated it out into light and dark!

Well! That was something that had never been seen before by anybody. And it was swell in the extreme. So pretty soon (I know, it can't really be soon, because they didn't have that yet, but I'm not explaining that again.) Pretty soon, they were all working away at the greyness, and the next thing you know, they had gotten it all divided up into light bits and dark bits. And the light bits they rolled into balls and called stars. And the dark bits they rolled into balls and called planets. And they set them all spinning around each other, because they were so pretty that way.

But the planets were all empty. And it occurred to someone, I think it was the Goddess, but it doesn't really matter, that they would be even prettier and more fun if they had life on them.

So everyone got together, and they all started to make life like everything.

But, you see, the only thing they had to work with was the stuff that they were made of. It was all that very same grey stuff that they had made the planets and suns from, and that they were made of themselves. So every bit of life that there is, or ever has been, is the stuff that the Gods are made from.

You, and I, and everyone we know, are really infant Gods. All the trees are made of God-stuff, so they are all Gods, too. Every blade of grass, and bird, and fish, and cockroach are chock full of the God-stuff. We call it spirit. We call it life. We call it matter and energy and the electro-magnetic spectrum. And it can never be truly destroyed; only changed.

So everything is really a form of Goddess. The Gods are truly everywhere. And even though we are very, very young right now*, we will grow and mature. Life is like that.

And then we will remember that the whole point of all of it is joy and beauty.

Is this story true? Well, I think it's as true as any other creation myth. It's as true as the Big Bang. And, for me, it explains lots of things even better.

According to this story, for instance, creation hasn't stopped. It hasn't even slowed down.

It is something that every one of us in involved in, every single day.

We are all Creators. And we are busily creating our worlds (both our own, personal worlds and the Consensual Universe that we all inhabit) every single day, whether we are aware of it or not.

I think it will go better if we are aware of it, and create things of beauty with purpose and thought.

*I think we are about two. I base that on the amount of time that we spend shouting "No! I won't!" and "Mine!!" and "Give me!" I mean, think about it! Back