A model of a Chalice made out of silver, with a raised band of knotwork. A spinning five pointed light emerges from it, and then sinks back into it. An image that's been haunting me for more than 17 years, ever since I found this path. I used it in my Tarot Deck, and here it is again!

Available with an opaque black background (it looks wonderful on a black page!) or with a transparent background, due to popular requests. Because of the graduation around the star, it really needs to be on a mostly black ground. However, if you need it, here it is!

Feel free to copy this GIF for use in your own web pages, as long as you don't change it in any way. But I retain the copyright, so place "© Robin Wood 1997, Used with Permission" somewhere on your page. Thanks. And don't sell them. If I wanted people to have to pay money for these, I'd be selling them myself!

Animated GIF of Chalice