Candle On these pages you will find lots of GIF files, both still and animated.

These are free for all on this path to use on their own Web Pages. I have made them for love of the Gods, and for love of the many, many folk I have met along the way who also strive to walk in harmony, beauty, and love.

Enjoy them!

Blessed Be!



These files are all Freeware, but they are not Public Domain. I retain the copyright, so please don't modify them in any way. And please place "Copyright © Robin Wood 1997, Used with Permission" near the art. Thanks.

There will be more files here all the time, so check back frequently. I would have had more already, but I only had just so much time right now (it's Festival Season) and this was all I could get done in the few days I could spare for this project.

Unless otherwise noted, all of these were done with Specular Infini-D. A great program, and fun to use, although it's MetaCreations now, I believe. (And all of these names are trademarked, even if I can't type the symbol in here.)

Please tell me if you have any problems with any of these files. I can't fix something I don't know about!