1. What is Wicca, anyway?

Wicca, also known as Witchcraft or The Craft, is a simple, earth-based religion that has its roots in the distant past, and its renewal as a Neo-Pagan religion in the middle of this century.

To put it in a nutshell; we are polytheistic nature worshipers, who try mightily never to harm another, and to honor the Earth, each other, and ourselves. We get pretty heavily into healing the planet, ourselves and each other. We consider ourselves part of the natural world; one of the many species here, not the only important species here.We don't proselytize, we don't build churches, we don't want to steal your babies, we don't advocate immoral behavior, and we don't perform animal sacrifices. In fact, lots of us are vegetarians. If you want the stuff you see on TV, I'm afraid you are going to be disappointed. Looked at like that, we are pretty boring.

We are a disorganized religion, and we like it that way. That means that we don't have anything like a pope, or lama, or anyone at all that tells us what to believe. We joke that wherever you have 7 of us, you have 9 religions! And it's true that there is nothing that all of us believe in exactly the same way, because we think that all paths are equally valid. We don't expect your path to be exactly like anyone else's. But most of us do expect you to honor our choices, as we honor yours.

However, there are some things that most of us agree with, even if we see them slightly differently; and those are what I will be talking about here. Remember, though, that although most Wiccans may agree with these, they are really only my own views. To find those of another, ask her. Most of us are more than willing to talk!

Wicca is a Polytheistic religion. We worship primarily two Gods, whom we call the Lord and the Lady. We also call on them by many other names, and refer to those as aspects. In that guise, most of the names from the mythology of most of the world have been called in our worship. Some of us, like me, go further, and see what I call "Godstuff" immanent in all forms and all beings.

Our Lady is a triple Goddess. She is a Maiden, a Mother, and a Crone; that is, a young woman complete in herself, a mother with consort and children, and an old woman who has reached a great level of wisdom and maturity.

Our Lord is the God of Death and Rebirth, the Lord of the Hunt, the Green Man of the growing world, and the Consort of the Lady.

We honor the Earth, whom we see as our Mother, and the Moon, our Sister. We also honor the four classic elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. We honor each other, supporting each other in our various choices as long as no one is harmed. And we honor ourselves, not putting ourselves down or harming ourselves. We are a very honorable bunch!

Of course, we also make mistakes, like anyone else. But this is what most of us are striving toward!

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