5. I've seen this show on TV that looks like you guys can do some pretty weird stuff. How much of that is true?

I've heard this question so often. What you see on TV is what we call Special Effects. Yes, we do magic, but it doesn't look like that at all, because what we do usually works with nature, at nature's own pace.

You can think of it more like using props and stuff to make our prayers really effective; that's a much more accurate description. Many of us are also very careful not to harm anyone, and not to interfere with anyone's free will, so many of our spells end with the line, "For the good of all, and by the Free Will of all."

Generally speaking, our magic is used by each of us on ourselves; to help us to be braver, or wiser, or better at something. Most of us only use magic on another if the other asks us to, for help or healing. We never use it to harm, because we don't believe in harming things. Anything, anywhere.

We wouldn't pick someone up and stick them to the wall even if we could. That kind of terrorism can hardly be considered ethical.

Basically, it works like this; we wouldn't do anything by magical means that we wouldn't do by mundane means. If it's unethical to force someone to bed with you at gunpoint (and most of us would agree that it is,) then it would be unethical to assume someone's face to seduce their lover. This is why most of us wouldn't touch a spell to make a specific person fall in love, either. It just wouldn't be ethical.

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