7. You all wear black all the time, right?

Wrong. The way we dress has nothing to do with our religion. Or perhaps I mean our religion has nothing to do with the way we dress!

There are, of course, some notable exceptions to this. Laurie Cabot comes to mind. But, as I understand it, she wears her robes, hair and makeup the way she does because she made a conscious decision many years ago to be who she was at all times, in spite of what others might do to her because of it.

Most of us dress like anyone else. Our clothing may be looser, because we may be more comfortable with our bodies and not as prone to lacing them up tight, or it may not. Lots and lots of us wear suits, and go to work in an office, and are impossible to tell from anyone else.

It's inside, where we think it counts, that we are different!

I once had someone tell me she was interested in being a witch, because she had seen the movie "The Craft," and thought those girls looked really cool. I explained she didn't need a new religion, she just needed to go shopping! Of course, one look at me, with my graying curly hair, comfortably upholstered body, no jewelry (except my wedding ring and stealth pentagram,) no makeup (allergies,) loose jeans, and bright shirt convinced her that not all Witches knew how to dress!

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