2. Do you guys have a bible?

No, we don't have anything like a Wiccan Bible, because we don't all believe the same things. Most of us also feel pretty strongly that we don't want anyone telling us what we should and should not believe. We think that we can each find our own truth for ourselves. It's what we mean when we say no two people are on precisely the same path.

Like the old story of the blind men and the elephant, the truth is larger than any one of us can imagine, and no one's picture of it is perfect.

An example: look at the background of this page. What color is it? Some will say "tan," some "parchment," some "beige," some "unbleached titanium and burnt sienna." (Or, depending on your browser, you may accurately say "green" or "bright yellow.")Who is right? Everyone? Well, if we can't come up with a single answer for what name a color has, what makes us think we can come with a single answer for something as large as the truth?

Just, please, don't decide that if your answer is right, someone (everyone?) else has to be wrong. All of the color names were right, right? We can all be right. We can at least agree to disagree, and not have to hurt or punish the people who don't agree with us!

In the Craft, we strive to take joy in the similarities of our beliefs, and to celebrate the differences. I, personally, feel that we are trying to triangulate here. The more different views of the truth we have, the closer we may come to understanding it.

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