2. Is there an age limit? I'm only 14 (15, 16, etc.)

There is no age limit for worshiping the God and Goddess, or learning about them, or Nature, or anything else in the world!

However, I would recommend that you wait before making the commitment implied by initiation. After all, what's the rush? We aren't the once-born. We have lifetimes and lifetimes to do things in. And we have a saying, Once a Witch, Always a Witch, which means that if you take that step you will be drawn back to this path again and again.

My attitudes about a lot of things changed a great deal between my teens and my twenties. Yours may too. And if they don't, and you find that you do want to take this step, you can do it then. All the time spent learning, studying and growing before initiation won't be wasted, because nothing is ever wasted. Often things you have to wait for are sweeter for the wait.

The other thing about being this young is that you probably are living with at least one parent or guardian. Do they know and approve of this? This is a really important question, because if they don't, and you get help from another adult, they can take that person to court and get a restraining order to keep them from having any contact with you. That person could also get into a lot of other trouble, depending on the laws in your state, the attitudes of the judge, and a host of other things. If you are interested in this religion, you should know that you will be expected to accept responsibility for all of your actions. This is a choice that you will have to make, and you will be responsible for it, and for anything that comes from it. Think about it carefully, and talk it over with that adult; you both have to be willing to take that risk. (And it does happen, even in this day and age. It happened to an adult friend of mine.)

If you are interested in my opinion, my general take on the subject, without knowing anything about your own circumstances, is to wait.

In the meantime, read everything you can get your hands on; not just about this religion, but about all the others you can find out about. After all, there are a lot of paths out there, and you are free to travel any of them. Just remember to keep your mind with you as you read. Don't just take any author's word for anything. They are all just people, like you. Compare what you read to your own experience and instinct. You may not have much experience yet, but you are getting more every day. If something just seems wrong to you, it probably is wrong for you.

Spend time outdoors, in Nature, learning the lessons She can teach you. Keep your eyes and ears open, and pay attention. Think of everything that happens to you as a lesson you can learn.

Pray to the Lord and Lady if you want to; but remember that you don't need any props to do it. Candles, incense, and altars are wonderful to have; but they aren't necessary. If using them is going to get you into trouble, or seriously upset people you love, then skip 'em! Close your eyes, and visualize (imagine) a beautiful altar set up in your mind, and use that instead. It works just as well, is good visualization practice, and can't possibly be stumbled onto or desecrated!

Above all, hang in there! It may seem like forever now, but the years will pass. Soon you will be an adult with all of the freedom, privilege, and responsibilities of the station. And I'll tell you a secret - you won't be any different inside. None of us are. All adults are just kids with a lot more years under our belts. Those years may make us more careful, or wiser, or they may slow us way down; but we feel just the same inside; we are still us. Ask anyone. (And I'll let you in on something else, too. We only try to act like "adults" when there are kids around. We are trying to set a good example for you.)

So learn all you can, and blow their socks off when you decide you are ready!

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