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These are questions that I get asked a lot as I travel around the country going to Science Fiction Conventions, Pagan Festivals, and Book Signings, giving lectures and workshops, and hanging around behind my table, selling prints and books.

The answers I have given here are all my own opinion.

I am not a guru, and I don't have all the answers.

I am no more likely to be "right" than anyone else who has put this much study into this subject; and in any case, many of the answers are from my own perspective. They are things that work for me, or knowledge that I have gained through the years. They may not apply to you; and that's fine. You are a different person, with a different life, living in different circumstances. I would be much more surprised if your answers were all the same as mine!

So read this, by all means. Where factual things are involved, I have striven to be as accurate as possible. But read the non-factual with all your eyes wide open; just as I would recommend you read anything else. And compare what I have said to what your own instincts and experience are telling you. After all, that's what your instincts and experience are for!

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