5. I was wondering if there was some way to tell if you were a witch in your past life.

If it feels like coming home, if this is what you were doing before you ever knew it had a name, if you always felt like the Earth was your mother, and you always loved and honored her, if you have always been angered when you saw people treating her like a disposable bit of waste, then you probably were.

Most of us were.

But what is important is not what you used to be, but what you are becoming now.

Dwelling on the past, whether it is a past life, a past marriage, or a past year, can be pretty fruitless. It's my opinion that you should remember, and learn from, the past. You should plan for the future. But the present is where you are now, and you should never forget it.

Now, this moment, is when you can change! Right now you can change your attitude about something. Right now you can start to overcome a bad habit by not doing whatever-it-is right now. This is the best possible moment to start thinking a new thought, or start learning a new skill, or start building a new relationship.

So please, whatever you used to be, don't waste your moment now. What is behind isn't nearly as important as what is happening!

Remember, between us we are constantly building and rebuilding the world. (That's why it's the Consensual Universe <g>) So, as a good friend of mine says, if you are of good heart get up off your rump and start building some world! If you don't like the way the world looks, then build it differently. But if you don't build it, then others will; and you will have to live in the world they have built.

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