2. I need help! I cannot decide if witchcraft is devil worship or bad or whatever you want to call it. I was born and raised a Christian and it scares me, but one of my friends who does witchcraft insists that it isn't bad!

(I've really answered this in the What is Wicca? section. But I get asked this question so often that I've decided to repeat it here.)

No, Wicca/Witchcraft is not devil worship. In fact, it is polytheistic (meaning that we worship more than one God, in most cases a God and a Goddess.) We don't have any devils in our pantheon.

And most of us try to be "good," if by being good you mean that we try to help, heal, and foster growth, and we try never to harm another.

But then, I would say that no matter what we did, wouldn't I? I mean, you can't really expect to go up to someone and ask "Are you evil?" and have them say yes! <g> Those of us who are not evil will of course say "no," and those who are will lie and also say "no."

So I'm afraid that you will really have to make up your own mind on this one, based on your friend's actions.

See, even though our religion teaches us to "harm no-one" (and that is our basic (and only) rule) this doesn't mean that everyone follows it all the time, any more than every Christian follows all the teachings of Christ all the time. Like any other religion, there are good people, and bad people, and people who try to be good but lose sight of that goal, in Wicca.

It would be nice if you could automatically tell from someone's religion how they were going to act; but you can't. There is this little thing called free will, you see. <g> And people will do what they choose to do in any situation.

I'm sure you can think of some people who are Christians, but who do things you think are "bad." (From my point of view, it's easy. People who claim to hold all life as sacred, and then burn down clinics and murder men and women, for instance. I'm talking about the "Pro-Life" Militant bunch here, of course. Apparently they think that life is sacred as long as it's a fetus; but once it's breathing it's on its own. This kind of thing makes me very sad. In fact, so many Christians are willing to hurt anyone who doesn't agree with them that those of us in other religions tend to give them a good wide berth. To us, they are evil. Keep your Christian faith, if it works for you. But please, don't hurt us because we don't agree with you. Is that what your Christ taught?)

In just that way, there are people who are Wiccan who do things I don't agree with.

If you want to see what I think about the ethics that Wiccans should have, I've written a book on the topic, and you can also check out the Ethics section.

Which may be more answer than you wanted for this question, while still leaving you in a position of having to figure it out for yourself. But I'm sure that you can do that. Just remember; we are all, no matter what our religion, responsible for our own actions. And it's by someone's actions that you know what kind of person they are, no matter what their religion is

Put another way; you know your friend. Do you think they would be part of something that was evil? If not, then you may want to re-examine what you have heard about the religion. <g>

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