Coffee Table to use as altar.

Altar Table.

This is the table that all of the things are set up on. It can be any shape, and I know a lot of folks who use round ones, which are entirely appropriate. If you don't happen to have a round table, though, or can't afford to buy one, or have no room to store one, any other shape is fine. For many years, I used a foot locker. (Very handy, since the tools could be stored in it between circles.) A coffee table, as shown here, is frequently used, because it's easier to get, and easier to hide by blending it in with normal furnishings.

If it is an oblong shape, traditionally the long end should face North. In the picture, for instance, the side away from you is North. (You are standing in the South, facing North.) This is the position that the HPS (High Priestess) and HP (High Priest) take, so the whole thing is really laid out so that it will be easy to use the tools from here.