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United we Stand
by Melissa V.

Who is the Enemy?

In the aftermath of these tragic events, it is important to remember who our enemy is.

This is not a war between the United States and the Middle East. Many of the people in the World Trade Center were not US citizens, and the murderers had to have known it.

This is not a war between Christians and Muslims. With tens of thousands of people in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the hijacked planes, many of the victims were probably Muslim, and many more were certainly not Christians. Once again, the murderers must have been aware of this simple fact.
This is a war between Sanity and Fanaticism.

This has become a very small planet. None the less there is room for every faith, every creed, every nationality and ethnic background. What there is no longer room for is the kind of fanaticism that seeks to destroy anyone who disagrees with the fanatic.

If we allow ourselves to be drawn into fanaticism, then the enemy has won.

We must stand as sane and civilized people, who agree that there is only one thing that can no longer be tolerated. And it's not people from the Middle East, or Afghanistan, or Muslim people; it's fanatics.

Holding that thought firmly in mind, we must act within the law, and as a planet, to show that we will no longer tolerate this; there is no place for these attitudes in the 21st century. Fanaticism must stop now.