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Creating Our Own Reality

It’s completely true that we create our own reality.

Not because we get to choose what happens to us; few of us are that lucky.

But because we get to choose how we perceive what happens to us.

We are in complete control of this. All we have to do is see things the way we wish to see them.

All we have to change is our minds.

Say we both wake up to a sink full of dirty dishes we didn’t use.

You see lazy, inconsiderate people who leave their messes for you to clean up.

I see a chance to play with water and soap bubbles.

Which of us will be less stressed? Which of us will be happier with the people we live with? Which of us will have a better day?

Which kind of perceptions will you choose?

Deliberately have fun, as you go through your day. Find something to enjoy in every thing you do. Smile, laugh, and joke a lot. Delight in the sunshine sparkling on the cars in the parking lot. Notice the shapes of the clouds. Enjoy the wheel of shadows caused by the interaction of the office lighting and your coffee cup. Look at the recalcitrant vending machines as challenging games; if you put your dollar bill in just right, you win!

Fix what you can fix, repair what you can repair, walk away from stressful things you can walk away from.

If you can alter a situation for the better, then alter it.

But if you can’t change the circumstances, change your mind!

And watch your stress melt away.