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This is a five part series about making Faux Wood Grain in Photoshop, without using any third party plug-ins! Since I try to make these tutorials serve more than one purpose, we're also going to explore how to make an Action, and how to use just parts of an Action, once you've made it.

Part 1 - Creating an Action to make Two Color Wood for Large Areas

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create an Action as you work, so you can automate tasks in Photoshop. At the same time, we'll be making faux wood grain in two colors that you can use to cover large areas.

Part 2 - Action Mashing!

In this part, we'll use the parts of the Action, starting and stopping it, to make wood grain that has lots of colors in it. See how!

Part 3 - Simple Wood for Small Areas

This time, I'll show you a totally different method for making wood grain! This one is actually easier, and it's possible to automatically make it seamless; but it's really not good for large surfaces (you don't get as much grain.)

Part 4 - Seamless Wood Grain for Large Areas

Returning to the first wood grain, I'll show you how to make it seamless! Once again, this is relatively labor-intensive; but it's not hard at all.

Part 5 - Faux Carving on Faux Wood

Make realistic carving, with Live Type or Shapes, on your Wood. It's easy! See how.

And that's it for this set! Now you can do nearly anything you need to do with wood in Photoshop, quickly and easily!