Key for Menus and Panels - Menus 1

Key for Menus and Panels in LightWave 8

There are a lot of commands and tools in LightWave 8; more than there have ever been before. And there's been some reorganization, so many of the tabs are now missing in the Default configurations, and many of the tools and things have been moved around. All of this can make finding the specific tool mentioned in a tutorial or book very difficult.

To make it a little easier, I've compiled a key to 1, 242 of the most common tools and commands, organized by program and type, and I'm making them available for you to download. (Yes, there really are that many. Which is why it's hard to comb through everything looking for one of them.)

You have your choice of formats here, because I wasn't sure which would be easiest for the greatest number of people.

So, you can grab a .pdf file of an individual key, or you can download a .zip file containing all 5 files .xls format.

If you opt for the .pdf files, you have another choice. You can download the two Menu files in the format shown above, where the Keyboard shortcut is between the name of the tool and its placement, or you can download the Menus 2 set with the shortcuts after the placement. (Or both, if you aren't sure, either.)

On the other hand, if you want the .xls files, you'll find that they are sorted by tab or panel, not by tool. However, since they are .xls files, you can sort them any way you like, of course. (I've provided numbers in the far right column, so you can get them back into the original order easily.) I'm assuming that if you choose this option you can handle a spreadsheet; so there are no instructions.

The Shared Panels are the Surface Editor and the Image Editor. Since they are in both programs, I decided it would be easier to make a file just for them, instead of mixing them in with the other panels. (There were enough already.)

Take what you like, and I hope it helps!

Modeler Menus Layout Menus Shared Panels
Modeler Menus 2 Layout Menus 2
Modeler Panels Layout Panels .xls Files (zipped)

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