Using a Bryce Render and Lens Flares in LightWave

Matching Bryce Backgrounds in LightWave

A Bryce Render used as a Background in LightWave

I've been getting e-mail from people who are familiar with Bryce, but are just learning LightWave. They want to know if they can use some of their Bryce skills to make LightWave images. Of course you can! The easiest way is to use a Bryce Render as a Background for your LightWave image, but in order to do that you have to match the sun and atmosphere settings. Fortunately, that's pretty easy. If you're just learning LightWave, and would like step-by-step instructions with illustrations, click here!

If you already know your way around LightWave, and just want an outline list of the steps, click here!

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