UV Map and model it's used on.

Making a UV Map with UV Mapper

A UV Map, along with its Model

All 3D computer models are really just a series of points and vertices described on the X,Y, Z axes. You can add the U and V axes, and pin the vertices of your model to a flat image that you can use for texturing. While not as accurate as other texturing modes, UV maps allow you to plan exactly where you are going to put the texture, and it will stay there even when the model is moved and rotated. This makes it much easier to shade complex models, and is a skill worth knowing.

There are a number of software solutions to make UV Maps. One of the best "bang for the buck" solutions, I think, is UV Mapper Classic; a freeware program from Steve Cox, which is amazingly powerful and flexible.

This is a tutorial to show you how to use the program, in case you don't know, or aren't using it to its full capacity. I use the PC version, even though I use a Mac, because I have found it to be more robust than the Mac Port. If you want to use the Mac version, the principles are the same.

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