Wallpaper - Bare Tree Spangled with Lights on a Winter Night

Tree of Lights

An old friend asked that I repost this one, so here it is.

I did it back in 1999, using the same tree I'd used for the Livingtree image. The tree was made with Onyx Tree Pro, and rendered in Bryce. The lights were added in Adobe Photoshop, after the image was complete. (The links all go to the current versions of the software, by the way, not the ones I used almost a decade ago.)

This has been one of my personal favorites for a long time, and I'm not at all unhappy to be posting it again. Enjoy!

You have permission to use it for either Wallpaper or a Screen Saver, on your own computers only. Please don't use it for anything else, including (but not limited to) printing it out for free or for sale, or putting it on anything at all without writing to me and asking for permission. If your friends want a copy, please send them here to download their own.

These things take up quite a bit of room, so each one will only be available for a limited time.

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