Wallpaper - Soaring Hawk against the Sky


Wallpaper from August 2006.

This image began life as an interior illustration for the Bureau 13 Sourcebook RPG gaming module written by Nick Pollatta and Richard Tucholka that I typeset earlier this year. It needed a few additional illustrations, so I made them, and this was one. (In the module, it's a tiny little spy plane that only looks like a hawk.) But I liked it so well that I decided to change the clouds, and release it as a wallpaper. So here it is.

I used the DAZ Eagle, with BL Renders Eagle Expansion Pack 1 for the hawk itself. The render was made in e-on's Vue 5 Infinite. I did the clouds by hand in Adobe Photoshop CS2, not because Vue doesn't do perfectly good clouds (it does,) but because I knew exactly what I wanted, and it was faster to just draw them. <g>

You have permission to use it for either Wallpaper or a Screen Saver, on your own computers only. Please don't use it for anything else, including (but not limited to) printing it out for free or for sale, or putting it on anything at all without writing to me and asking for permission. If your friends want a copy, please send them here to download their own.

These things take up quite a bit of room, so each one will only be available for a limited time.

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