Picture of Circle Border  Picture of Circle Border 
Small Knotwork Circle, suitable for a button, etc. You can put something in the middle of this, as long as it's not gross or ugly. (Gross, ugly things offend my artistic sensibilities. : ) ) The same border, but on a black background, so you can see it more easily.

This one is a Transparent GIF, by the way.

I did this using Adobe Illustrator 7 path patterns with the same knotwork that appears on the back of my Tarot Cards, (and on the background of this page, for that matter!)

Feel free to copy these GIFs for use in your own web pages, as long as you don't change them in any way. But I retain the copyright, so place "© Robin Wood 1997, Used with Permission" somewhere on your page. Thanks. And don't sell them. If I wanted people to have to pay money for these, I'd be selling them myself!