Harp Package 1

A package of things to go with my free Celtic Harp. It contains;

Tuning Key Harp Stand
Two new models: a tuning key, and a harpstand.
Celtic Harp Texture Diamonds Harp Texture Knotwork Harp Texture Shamrock Harp Texture
Four Hi-Res texture maps for both the harp and the stand.
Celtic Jewel - Star Sapphire Diamonds Jewel - Black Opal Knotwork Jewel - Engraved Spiral Shamrock Jewel - Irish Glass
Four Gems (part of the texture maps; but you can mix and match 'em.)
Pose for Victoria Pose for Possette Pose for Poser Dude
Three poses; one for Zygote's Victoria, one for the P4 Nude Female, and one for the P4 Nude Male.
Blank Texture Maps for the Harp, the Stand and the Key so that you can make your own textures!

If you want to see any of these things in detail, just click on the thumbnail.

The models are OBJ files, and can be used with any software application that can open or import OBJ files. The texture maps are JPG files, and can probably be used with any of the applications that you can use the OBJ files with. The poses, on the other hand, can only be used with Poser 4, and only with the model they are built for, or a very similar model.

When you download this package, you get a license to use these models, textures and poses in any completed work; for sale, to give away, or for exhibit only. (Although if you are making something to sell, I'd like a copy of it. And I'd like credit given to me whenever you use these things.)

What you cannot do is sell these models or textures as models or textures in any form, or include them on any disk of "free for use" models either for sale or for free.

I created all of them, and I am retaining the copyright and all other rights. So there. <g>

To download the .sit file (sorry, there's no .zip yet,) click here.

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