Wallpaper of Single Candle

Single Candle Wallpaper

Holiday Wallpaper for 2003. It's for your own use as Wallpaper or a Screensaver; please don't use it for anything else, without writing for permission.

A simple one, this year, because it's been that kind of year; at least for us.

I made all the models and did the rendering with Lightwave, then added the flame and the flame effects in Adobe Photoshop. (I made a flame in Lightwave, but I didn't like it very well, and decided it would be a lot faster and easier to just draw one. So I did.)

Happy Holidays, and enjoy! Click on the link to download the .jpg in the size you need for your screen. To save it without viewing it first, just Option click on a Mac, or Right Click for Windows.

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Happy Holidays!

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