Wallpaper Winter Pine Cones

Winter Pine Cones Wallpaper

For Winter Solstice 2004!

This year, the Holiday wallpaper is a photograph. For those who really wanted a new picture, I'm very sorry. I wish I'd been able to do one, too; but this year was more than usually busy, what with one thing and another.

I took this shot down the road from us, in Michigan, several years ago. The weather was perfect, sunny and cold, with mounds of fresh snow everywhere. I couldn't resist taking my camera and going out in it. And I'm glad that I did!

You have permission to use it for either one, on your own computers only. Please don't use it for anything else, including (but not limited to) printing it out for free or for sale, or putting it on anything at all. If your friends want a copy, please send them here to download their own.

These things take up quite a bit of room, so each one will only be available for a limited time.

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